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Hao Liu

Associate Professor   

Brainnetome Center and National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition   

Institute of Automation   

Chinese Academy of Sciences   

Beijing 100190, P. R. China   

Phone: +86 10 8254 4466   

Email: hao.liu@nlpr.ia.ac.cn  


Brief History 

2011 -present, Assistant professor, Brainnetome Center, China   

2011 - 2014, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, China, MSc   

2007 - 2011, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Yantai University, China, BSc 

Research Interest  

Simultaneous electrophyiological and functional near infrared spectroscopy recordings  

Close-loop neuromodulation 

Deep Learning 

Research Works  

1.    Nianming Zuo, Alireza Salami, Hao Liu and Tianzi Jiang, Functional maintenance in the multiple demand network characterizes superior fluid intelligence in aging, Neurobiology of Aging,85:145-153,2019 

2.    Nianming Zuo*, Tianyu Hu,Hao Liu,Jing Sui, Yong Liu & Tianzi Jiang,Gray Matter-Based Age Prediction Characterizes Different Regional Patterns. Neuroscience Bulletin, 37:94–98,2020