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Prof. Eickhoff's Lecture -- Meta-analytic approaches to mapping the brain, its connections and functions

 Title: Meta-analytic approaches to mapping the brain, its connections and functions
 Speaker: Simon B. Eickhoff, Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany
 Chair: Prof. Tianzi Jiang
 Dec. 10, 09:00-10:00.
 The 1st meeting room, 3rd floor of the intelligence building
 If you want to attend it, please contact to Dr. Yong Liu by yliu@nlpr.ia.ac.cn
Whereas the potential inference from any single neuroimaging study is limited to method-inherent drawbacks, the high degree of standardization in neuroimaging research allows to pooling and integration of activation results from several thousends of experiments. Moreover, several large-scale databases of neurimaging results have emerged over the last years, that compile thiswalth of information. In this talk, I would like to outline, how emerging meta-analytic tools may be use to draw on these resources and provide new insights into several aspects pertaining to the organization of the human brain: i) The localization of brain functionsand its relationship to task-specific confounds ii) The functional roles underlying, e.g., morphometric, findings, including formal inference for functional decoding iii) The identification of functional connectivity in a task-based state through the mapping of co-activations. iv) How these may complement information on connectivity in the unconstrained, endogeneously driven task-free "resting" state v) The delineation of cortical modules by data-driven clustering of co-activation patterns, which, in combination with the other described methods described in this talk, entails the possibility for functional brain mapping and atlasing.